Create Mosaic of Twitter friends and followers

We have seen number of web tools to create cool mosaic images from your personal photos like here and here. Checkout Twitter mosaic to create mosaic of Twitter avatar photos of Twitter friends and followers for your Twitter account. To get started, enter your Twitter username and then

Tweet & Share Mp3 songs on Twitter with Songly

There are number of tools for extended Twitter experience for various additional features like sharing photos and videos. How about sharing favorite mp3 songs with Twitter friends? Songly makes this process real easy and simple. Just paste the link of any Mp3 song on the internet and

Chirp Twitter Client, Vista gloss & cool functionality

We have seen number of Twitter Clients from online versions like Gtwit to numerous offline versions including TweetDeck and Twhirl. Here is another one 'Chirp' with cool functionality and Windows Vista Gloss. It has very cool user interface and is specially for your Windows Vista

Show Twitter avatars in WordPress Comments

Wordpress has integerated gravatar support, as a result displays related Gravatar image of a commenter next to his/her comment on a Wordpress powered blog. Smashing Magazine has created new Wordpress plugin that shows Twitter avatar or image next to comments on Wordpress blog. This

Add video to Twitter profile page in Bubble form

There are number of web apps to spice up Twitter functionality. Here is BubbleTweet that make your Twitter profile very personal and interactive. It adds an introduction video in the form of a bubble. This video bubbles appear and plays video only one time and then vanishes. To get

Publish any RSS Feed on Twitter, or

RSS Feed is a handy concept to share lots of information in least amount of time. PingVine web service leverages the concept of RSS and allows you to publish updates of any RSS Feed. Using this, you can post updates from any RSS feed to your accounts at Twitter, and To

Twitter Ribbon Ad generator, get more followers

If you are active on Twitter and want to build bigger community around your Twitter profile, then its time to do some publicity. One free and easy way is using Twitter Ribbon ad that gets instant attention, clicks and followers to your Twitter account (hopefully). TwitterRibbons web

Put your latest Flickr Photo as Twitter background

If you are addictive to clicking photos, uploading to Flickr and use your Twitter account in full steam, then Flickr My Background is for you. This web service automatically sets your latest Flickr photo as your Twitter profile background. It checks for new photos on your flickr

Trim & Clean your Twitter contact list with MyCleenr

Twitter contact list can grow like anything in short period of time. As always, most of us are busy posting tweets and dont bother to get hands dirty with cleaning up process. Trimming Twitter contact list isn't easy and can easily overwehlm anyone. Tryout MyCleenr and this process

Windows Live Writer Plugins for Digg, Flickr & Twitter

Windows Live Writer is a free software to blog and interface with different blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc. New plugins have been released to make blogging more easy with Windows Live Writer. There is plugin each for interacting with Twitter, Digg and Flickr.

Check total time spent on Twitter with Tweetwasters

If you are a Twitter addict, then you must be spending loads of time on Twitter. Tweetwasters is an interesting website to calculate your Twitter addiction in hours. Just enter you Twitter username and hit the calculate button. It will show number of tweets associated with twitter

Join Google Friend Connect using Twitter account

Google Friend Connect is a very useful service that allows you to build a community on your website or blog. Users can join the community using any account from AOL, Yahoo, Google or Open IDs. Twitter has joined this list. So, if you are an active Twitter user and want to be part of a