How to Twitter in Gmail quickly with ease ?

Gmail is becoming a powerhouse to do more than just checking and sending emails. Now you can also Twitter within Gmail without having to jump onto new browser window to access Twitter account. This is possible using Google Gadget 'Twitter Gadget' that be easily added to Gmail. Using

Create custom Twitter Background with Twitbacks

We have already seen cool resources to download jazzy Twitter background patterns, Twitter themes and buttons. Twitbacks is a cool online tool that allows you to create Twitter background from own custom images in few simple mouse clicks. To get started enter details for your custom

Just Tweet ‘What would you like for Christmas?’

Tweetmas is interesting way for Twitter users to express their desire and wants on upcoming Christmas. It allows Twitter users to answer simple question - 'What would you like for Christmas?' Login using your Twitter account and get started

What is value worth of your Twitter profile ?

Are you are twitter hero? Want to know the value worth of your Twitter profile? Well, TweetValue tells you the same in  few simple clicks. Just enter your Twitter username and click on 'get my value' button. You will see the value rating in terms of $ (US Dollar).

Schedule your Twitter messages with Future Tweets

Twitter is a nice way to share updates with friends instantaneously. You can little spice to your Twitter experience by scheduling Twitter messages to be delivered at a later time. FutureTweet is a free web service that allows you to send Tweets at a specific time in the future or send

Sync Twitter with Yahoo Messenger for quick updates

If you are addicted to Yahoo Messenger and Twitter, then Twitter Sync plug-in should make your 'Techno Life' real easy. No need to hop to Messenger Window & Twitter separately, with this plugin do it all from one place. This plugin allows you to sync Messenger status and Twitter

Gtwit, a web based Twitter Client – No install required

There are number of Twitter clients that you can install on your computer and get going with Twittering. Gtwit is a dynamic web based Twitter client that do not require any software download and installation. Hosted on Google's cloud infrastructure, it allows you to perform basic

Did someone STOP following you on Twitter? Findout !

Who you Follow that does NOT Follow you - after you have checked this interesting info, here is another cool web service that dishes out more interesting Twitter users info. Qwitter is all about catching Twitter quitters. In

‘Who you Follow that does NOT Follow you’ on Twitter

This is all about Twitter users you are following and users following you back. You could be following lot of users on Twitter. However, the number of Twitter users following you back may not be same (or is very less). Interested in checking out Twitter users your are following that is

Find other Twitter Users Like you, Just Tweet it !

There are loads of Twitter applications and services for an extended Twitter experience. 'Just Tweet it' is an interesting resource to help you expand your Twitter network. It allows you to find Twitter users like you.

3+ Ways to Twitter from Desktop powered by AdobeAir

Are you a Twitter Addict? Even if you are NOT a Twitter addict and use Twitter once a while following should be of REAL use. Now you can do all Twitter stuff right from the comfort of your desktop. Here are 3 cool apps to get going: 1. Alert Thingy - Send and receive Twitter updates

Free Background Patterns for Twitter, Spice Up !

We have already seen Twitter Gallery that offer awesome free Twitter Themes and follow me buttons. Here is more to spice up your Twitter profiles page. Twitter patterns has some cool patterns to add