How to create Apple ID account

Apple ID is a personalized identity account that allows you to access various Apple resources. Using your Apple ID (account) you can use Apple Online Store, iTunes Store, Concierge (for appointments at Genius Bar), Apple Online Support, iChat, iPhoto and Aperture Purchases and iWork

Skype video calls on iPhone & iPad

Skype provide a simple and easy interface for audio and video calling. Previously, Skype was available for 3G calls on iPhone and basic calling on iPad device. With latest update to Skype app for iPhone and iPad: you can make free video calls using wi-fi connection (in addition to 3G

Tips to improve iPad battery life

Battery degrades and loses its full capacity over a period of time. However, you can adopt few usage practices to slow down this degrade for longer battery life on your iPad device. Following tips should help maintain and improve the time for which iPad will run before it must be recharged

Best temperature condition for using iPad

Just like any electronic device, Apple iPad can get damaged if used under extreme temperature conditions. Hence, it is important to use iPad under normal room temperature conditions as explained below. Excessive heat or chill can cause harm to your Apple iPad device and it may not work

Disable apps install & deletion on iPad, iPhone

Apps (applications) are very handy for getting additional features and functionality on Apple iPad, iPhone devices. You can easily install apps of your choice and delete them as per requirement. However, at times you may want to prevent users from changing apps on your Apple device. In

Disable & block Facetime on iPad, iPhone

Facetime feature enable you to make video calls using camera on iPhone, iPad Apple devices. It provides rich interactive experience allowing you to view video and listen voice while interacting with other person using Facetime. However, at times you may want to disable Facetime

iPad screen lock mutes sound in iOS 4.2

Pressing screen lock button on side of iPad is not locking screen and instead it mutes sound on iPad. You are likely to face this issue, if you have updated the iPad software to iOS 4.2 (or above). This software updates changes screen orientation lock button into mute volume button. For

Setup & use free Find my iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Is your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - lost or gone missing? You could easily track missing Apple device using paid Mobile Me service. Now this service is free for users using latest iOS 4.2 (and above) software update on their Apple devices. You can easily setup free 'Find

VLC player for iPad: play any video format

VLC player is very flexible and easy to use program to playback media files on the computer. Now you can get all the goodness of VLC player for desktop on your Apple iPad. Being open source, you can download and use VLC player app on your iPad for free. With built-in codecs, it allows you

Disable spelling auto correction on iPhone

Do you hate ugly red lines under words while typing on iPhone device? With iOS 4.1 update, you can disable or deactivate spelling check and auto correction on iPhone. Besides those ugly red lines, this will prevent iPhone from converting 'so called' incorrect words into meaningless words

Upload HD videos to Youtube from iPhone [iOS 4.1]

iOS 4.1 software update introduce lot of new features like HDR photos and HD video uploading to Youtube. You can record HD videos on iPhone and directly publish them on Youtube website. To get started, you will need iOS 4.1 software update on iPhone and a Youtube account for sending videos