How to find animated gif images on Google

Google Search provide lot of options to refine and filter search results for specific requirements like finding PDF files, vintage music tracks, line drawings and much more. Google  has added new option of animated gif images to Google Images Search. Using this 'animated' option to can

Make own custom Emoticons: Free Emotemaker

Emoticons can be real fun: they are funny, refreshing and bring smile to the face. Want to create own custom emoticon? Emotemaker is a free program that allows you to create customized emoticons with user defined shape and other elements. It has simple, easy to use interface with loads of

PhotoFunia add animated image effects & face detection

PhotoFunia has been one awesome online tool for really creative output from personal photos in few simple clicks (reviewed earlier). It has moved one step ahead with addition of animated effects. Besides usual cool static effects, now you can add animated effects to your images. Homepage

How to extract & download static photos from animated GIF image?

Animated GIF images look cool (like "Harry Potter & the half blood prince" on the right). Do you want to extract and download static photos from an animated GIF image? This process may require lot of effort and advance software. Not really, you can perform this extraction online in

Add cool GIF animation effect to images online with Loogix

We have seen number of simple and easy to use online tools to add animation effect like TextAnim, Animasher, Smirk and so on. If you do not wanted to download those usual animated images and want to add animation to personal photos then head over to Loogix. It is a user friendly online

Create animated avatar from images, Youtube videos

Avatar is a social identity of every web user interacting at different social networking websites. Alpoy is a new web service that makes avatar creation process real easy. You can easily make from static and highly animated cool looking avatar images in few simple clicks. Related - 5

100+ new emoticons in Gmail for animated fun

Gmail added handful of new emoticons last year in Oct 2008. This year Gmail has opened flood gates and added hundreds of cool new animated emoticons. Now Gmail users have access to loads of new emoticons to express any feeling with text decorated with animated icons. Related - Add

Create Christmas & holiday greeting Cards with a Funk

Holiday season all set to storm with loads of wishes being sent and received. Making things all easy and funny checkout 'CardFunk'. It allows you to make animated funny Christmas

Put your Face on Super Hero Video, Pic-Video FUN !

There are lot of interesting web apps to mashup images or mashup videos like put your face on any body or Alien face with Monjee. 'Make Me Super!' is another interesting web app that allows you to create cool mashup of your face pic with super hero video. To get started, select

Image stitching With Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Microsoft has released an advanced panoramic image stitcher 'Image Composite Editor'. It creates panoramic view from set of images. To get started you shoot set of overlapping photographs of a scene from a single location and 'Image Composite Editor' will 'stitch' those image at high

Be Instant Animation Cartoonist on web via Animasher

Being a cartoonist or animation expert will bring thoughts of full blown course of few month learning expensive Adobe software and related apps. Not anymore , courtesy Animasher. It is a no fuss web based animation tool that

Turn Photos into Awesome Slideshow with RoxioOnline

Want to create impressive slideshow from personal photos without much of know-how or learning through? Well, Roxio Online photoshow might turn out option you have been looking for. You can mashup your photos with other creative objects to create a beautiful photoshow. To get started,