View full URL bar with http & https in Firefox 7

Version 7 of Firefox browser is now available for download. Once you install this new version, first noticeable thing will be loading speed. Now Firefox opens much faster and render webpages quickly. Next thing that might catch your eye is the URL address bar not showing full URL. By

Disable flash, silverlight & javascript in Firefox

Adobe Flash, Javascript, Microsoft Silverlight, Java are few technology platforms that provide support for dynamic content on the internet. Sometimes, these can cause issue and user may want to disable it temporarily. If you use Firefox as default browser, then you can easily disable or

Automatic http to https redirection in Firefox & Chrome

Be default, http version of websites are loaded in a web browser. You can make web browsing more secure by using https ecrypted version of websites. Only selective websites offer ecrypted https version for accessing their content. If you are Firefox users, then you can automate redirection

Group & organize tabs in Firefox 4 [Panorama]

Firefox 4 beta introduces lot of new features like  tabs placement, single access Firefox button, new look menu bar and lots more. 'Panorama' is a new feature button in Firefox 4 that helps in organized web browsing. It allows you to organize tabs and group them as per requirement. This

How to duplicate tabs in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Do you want to quickly open currently opened website in a new tab? You can easily perform such tab duplication in your favorite web browser. In few simple clicks you can open new (duplicate) instance of any currently opened tab. Following is quick and easy procedure to duplicate tab in

Remove Feedback button from Firefox 4

Firefox 4 beta version introduced lot of new visual and functional features to the browser. Besides tabs on top above the address bar and neater one access Firefox button, it also has Feedback button at top right. This button allow Firefox users to send feedback regarding their experience

Block images on webpages in Firefox

Do you want to block images loading or being displayed while browsing specific websites? This can enhance browsing speed on slow internet connection and save on bandwidth costs. Parents can enforce strict control by blocking images on websites not fit for viewing by children. You can

Restore ‘tabs on top’ below Firefox 4 address bar

Newer version of Firefox browser (4.0 beta) has new position for tabs above the address bar. Do you want to restore tabs placement as in older version of Firefox in newer Firefox 4.0 or above? You can easily move tabs on top of Firefox browsing window below the address bar using following

Switch to classic menu bar in Firefox 4

Newer Firefox 4.0 beta has neater looking universal access "Firefox" button. Using this single button you can access various options like print, save, history, help - which otherwise are displayed in menu bar at the top. If you still prefer the good old classic menu bar, you can easily

Directly view full size photos on Google Image Search

Google Image Search ( is an easy way to find photos on any topic or keyword. However, this image search service has one annoyance of having to click twice to able to view full sized photo displayed in search results. You can cut down on the clicking and webpage hopping by

Use encrypted Google search in Chrome & Firefox

Google has introduced "Google SSL search". It is an encrypted and more secure version of Google search. While using Google SSL, a direct connection between user computer and Google is created. Data transferred during Google search cannot be intercepted by any third party. You can easily

Turn off GeoLocation aware browsing in Firefox

Websites that use physical location information (like Google Maps) for providing content can extract that information using Geolocation aware feature of web browser. We have already seen easy way to disable geolocation in Google Chrome. If you are using Firefox, following is quick