Extract data from graph image in tabular form

Graph is very easy way to visualize and understand associated values. However, at time we need need plotted graph's data in number or digits format. This entails extraction of data from plotted graph image in tabular or graphical form (saved to an Excel file for further analysis). You can

Convert BAT to EXE file, free converter

Are you looking for free program software to convert BAT file to EXE  file? Such conversion requires special program that can compile BAT file contents to generate an EXE file. After conversion an EXE file for actul program is generated to perform intended functionality. 1. F2Ko free Bat

Convert Zune Playlist ZPL to M3U, PLS format

Do you want to make Zune playlist to work in Winamp and other audio players? By default, Zune playlist ZPL is not compatible with other players. You need to convert it into M3U or PLS format for playback compatibility. You can easily perform this conversion using free portable tool 'Zune

Save HTML page URL as PDF [3 online tools]

Do you want to save a website HTML page as PDF file? You can do this quickly online while surfing the internet without having to install any software on the computer. There are number of online tools that allow one click conversion of HTML page into PDF document file in the original format

Create HTML webpage from text file

Do you want to create quick HTML webpage containing only text content? Free utility txt2html can help make HTML page in few simple clicks without any need of even basic HTML knowledge. It can generate simple HTML webpage from any txt document that you can upload and share anywhere on the

Convert DotX to DocX file format

For Starters: DocX is default format to save documents in Office 2007 and above. While DotX is default format for Office templates for word processing application. You can easily convert any DotX file into DocX format using free DotX to DocX converter software. After conversion you can

FLV to MP3, portable converter software

Are you looking for easy to use portable FLV to MP3 converter software that does not require install?"FlvToMp3" is free FLV to MP3 converter without any bells and whistles. It can convert any FLV flash video into MP3 audio format. Final MP3 file is generated directly from the flv video

Convert movies to iPod Podcast M4V format

Do you want to quickly convert movie video file into podcast for your iPod? PodcastHelper is a simple portable tool for such conversion. It allows you to convert video file into M4V or MP4 format using easy to use 'drag ad drop' interface. Final created file is in iPod-compatible podcast

Create bootable USB drive of CentOS / RedHat disk or ISO image

ISO2USB utility can come real handy when you want to install CentOS / RedHat on system that does not have optical CD or DVD drive. This utility can make a bootable USB drive from CentOS / RedHat disk or its ISO image. Created USB drive can be used for installation on systems which do not

Convert PDF & images to DjVu format online

Do you have large PDF or scanned image file? You can easily reduce its size and still maintain clarity of document / image using DjVu format. We have already discussed about DjVu file compression format. You can convert PDF or scanned image into DjVu file format and save huge on the final

Hijri (Saudi) to Gregorian date Calendar converter

'Gregorian' date format or calendar is used by majority of people throughout the world. However, Islamic countries use Hijri (Hijra Calendar) for their religious and date reference purposes. Are you looking for easy way to convert Hejri date into normal Gregorian date? Free tool "Hijri

Reduce size of photos [free portable software]

Resizing photos and reducing their size is common routine for number of users. There are number of ways to reduce size of images like using right click procedure or batch resize mode for large number of photos. If you deal with images all the time and are on constant move, then checkout