How to wrap text around Google Adsense or an image

I have been experimenting with image and ad placement these days. When I tried to put ad block in a post and tried to warp post content around it... man it did not work. But with little research and Googling around, was able to do so in few minutes. I am sure some of you, want to know how? In fact,

Firefox Addon: Play Pacman in Firefox

If you are FireFox user, then playing pacman gets more easier. Check out Firefox Add-on that allows you to play Pacman game in your favorite FireFox browser. It has all the look and feel of traditional Pacman game. Features include:  - stunning retro graphics - authentic sound effects -

Where are Top Indian Websites Hosted

Are you curious about those exclusive web hosts that handle top Indian websites. Who so ever they be, they should able to handle tonnes of bandwidth and incoming requests. Here is quick list I made of few top Indian websites and there corresponding web hosting provider. Note, I have not included

Mass Submit of Story to top sites in a Minute !

Want to improve visibility of your site, get more traffic? Best way is submitting links of your site to popular Social Bookmarking Sites. But, with number of sites at offer, this process may take longer! Here is the killer solution to this time issue in submitting stories to various social

Yahoo Messenger Shortcuts, chat quickly now !

Yahoo Messenger is most popular Messenger application, besided Google Talk. Here are few interesting keyboard shortcuts to make you chat faster with your friends! There are number of shortcuts to do most of common tasks while using Yahoo Messenger. So, get going with faster chatting by using

Create Striped Backgrounds in few seconds

Using Stripe Generator 2.0 one can create neat and quick striped background. As website says, its ultimate tool for Web 2.0 designers, believe me they are right! You can create any kind of background with different colors, background style and strip orientation in few seconds. Here is the

Download Wallpapers for Widescreen Monitors

With technological advancements in monitors/screens at offer, more people are using Wide screen monitors. These monitor run at resolutions like 1400 x 1050 or 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1200. Finding wallpapers that fit such resolution is real task. Other alternative one may settle with is using a

Enhance Windows Explorer with FolderBox

So you want to transfer files from one folder to another using Windows Explorer and you would know the limitations and pain of moving to and fro in the same window. Other alternative we choose is opening two Explorer Windows and then perform the transfer. There is another alternative to this

Pill shaped little 4GB USB Flash Drive

Want to have good enough storage for your music and files... well Take a Chill Pill. Here comes a Pill Shape 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It looks cool and really is very small about 2 inches long (I think !). But why would you buy this one against a usual USB drive? You can easily hide it from

Add reflection to an Image using Javascript

So you want to create reflection to an image but not so good at PhotoShop stuff, well there is an alternative: Reflection.js allows you to add reflections to images on your web pages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean. It works in all the major browsers - Internet Explorer

Make rounded corners with CSS & no image

Now one can create rounded corners without using images or javascript with the help of spiffycorners. It is an online tool that provide easy way to generate HTML and CSS code for the box. You can use this code to generate basic code and then can play with it as per requirement, like we all

Blogger Images limit & ways to increase it

If you thought you can store as many images as you want, well you were wrong. At present for every blog in your account, you are allowed 1024MB or 1GB of storage space for images. Images you post on your blogger blog are now stored on Picasa Web Albums. It is very to easy to check how much space