3 Column New Blogger Beta Templates

Traditional Blogger only has two column templates. However, there are some genius people who are working overtime to make 3 column Blogger Beta templates. Here are few of them: 1. Andreas04 Blogger Beta Template: Really simple and very useful 3 column Blogger template. It has subtle look with

Speed up Windows Startup by Delaying it

Computer slows down after usage for sometime. This is a very common issue and more often it is the Windows startup that is causing the issue and delay. Interesting part is, one can speed up Window's startup by actually delaying it. Usually, when Windows loads, it attempts to load all the programs at

Earn Money by Selling Pages of a website !

Innovation is mother of all. Every one knows the common ways to earn money online like: big daddy google adsense, banner ads, pop up ads, inlines ads, popin ads, affiliates etc etc etc. Here is an innovative way to monetise a website... simply sell different pages on your website. For example

Use Multiple Email Accounts without logging Off

With so many different types of web services available, one tends to have more than one email address with different hosts. Like, if you have more than one email address on Yahoo and Gmail. Normally you would have to log out from one so as to login into another. Well, this is thing of past, you

Get Latest updates about Orkut Friends

It seems Orkut is working really hard to get new features on board. So, after complete design makeover, here comes another feature. On your Orkut profile page, you will get list of all the updates from all your Orkut friends. What kind of updates? Well, this should include everything like: adding

Make WordPress Category Cloud with Ease

So, your Wordpress blog has huge number of categories and giving monotonous look. Well, then its time for makeover. Using this Wordpress Plugin you can easily implement Category cloud. Not just it is very easy to use, it also provide number of customization options like: Minimum Font Size,

Pros & Cons of Adsense on ‘Allowed Sites’

'Allowed Sites' is a feature in your Google AdSense Account control panel, that allows you to define domains where adsense ads should be shown for your account. So... should you use this or NOT? Well, read on and try to make up your mind. Personally I am bit confused on which way to go, though

How to Orkut in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & more

With completion of Orkut's new look, here comes good news for Indians on Orkut. Realising that Indians form major chuck of users on Orkut, regional language support has been added this ever so popular social networking service to get more people on board. Now you can access orkut in 5

Ways to Secure your WordPress Login

As any Wordpress user would know, if someone gets hold of username and password of a Wordpress Blog, anything can be done then. There number of ways to secure your Wordpress Blog login, including .htaccess blocking, Banning several Ips, using SSL for admin login etc etc etc. Sadly, these

How to Enable Comments in Hindi in Blogger

So you have a Blogger Blog in English and your major reader base includes Hindi speaking audience. Here is an add on tip to facilitate your esteemed readers. Give your readers, both the options to comment in English or Hindi. It is very easy to implement in a blogger blog. After you

WP Plugin: Create TinyURL link for posts

Ever wanted to share a link, but gave up seeing the the length/size of the link. TinyURL is the solution, tinyurl.com is a very popular URL snipping and simplifying service. Now, there is a Wordpress plugin by Brajeshwar for your wordpress install to automatically generate tinyURL for every article.

View Mobile Websites in Firefox Browser

This will be new for those who have not yet browsed internet on their mobile phones. Websites on phones looks different, infact very different. Try to open a WAP portal on Internet Explorer, you will surely get an error message. However, now you can view mobile websites right in your FireFox