Search MP3 and Videos using Google Search

To search most of us use Google. You can use this great search engine to dig out your favorite Celebritie's MP3 files and even videos. How? Well, this is really easy. You need to type in the special query in the google search box and you will get loads of links with Mp3 files ready for

Trick: Alternate to Ctrl Alt Del Function

Pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete is too much of a task for you? Well, not to worry there is an easy alternative to this.You can easily a create a shortcut for the same function. Just need to type in the short command and your are done. Then, double click on that shortcut and work is done. Sound

Orkut, Google, Yahoo logos on Independence Day

India is Celebrating 60 years of Independence. It's evidence on the web has been greatest this year, as compared to past. With Internet going manifold this is expected. Most of the big portals had their logos donning the tricolor in some form or the other. It feels really good to see such

M-Wallet: Are you ready to pay using Mobile?

M-wallet is a value added service for your mobile, with which you can pay for anything using your mobile. Sounds interesting, however you may need to wait little longer to get this service. As per mobile operators, one has to wait for about 20 months before they can get over regulatory hurdles

WP Plugin: Show Random Post in Sidebar

It is said... Old is Gold. So why not rekindle your old posts for your new N old visitor. An excellent plugin to show random post on sidebar of Wordpress Blog. Sure, worth a try. Interesting part is, you can show random post for any category. Interesting, you can read more or download it

5 ways to Speed up your Website or Blog

Time it takes for a site to open is very important. In case your site does not load in about 7 seconds, chances are people will skip it and move on to next blog. Do you want this to happen to your blog? I am damn sure NO. So, what basic things one can do to add fire to your blog and make it open

Trick: Show your name next to Clock in Taskbar

Here is reminder of age old trick in Windows XP to show your name next to clock on the taskbar. See the pic and you will know it all. It is very easy to do so, here is the simple procedure: 1. Click on Start, point to Settings, click on Control Panel. 2. Double click on Regional and Language

10 Essential Tips for a Successful Website

Thinking of launching a new website or a blog? Well, good idea! Read on to check basic tips on how to make sure: my website rocks! If its your first site, then you are bound make some errors or blunders (in some cases). This is normal and natural, so do not FRET! Before I elaborate on

Webmaster or Blogger : Who are you ?

So, do you run a blog or website? If yes, what would you like to identify as: a Blogger or a webmaster. One can't be both at any given time, though you can change roles at different times. Webmaster, as I would define is  a person who master his website, while a blogger is one who keeps in the

MTV Brand and Website goes for Makeover

After slew of recent website makeovers like Ibnlive, NDTV, Indiatimes etc follows them. However, story here is bit different. It is the complete brand MTV that is being revamped. So what is new.... for the starters its no longer MTV enjoy! Now the punch line is... its my MTV.

India Specific Options to Earn from a Site or Blog

Besides international options, one should also explore country specific services to earn from website or blog. If you are an Indian webmaster, then you can check following options to earn online by monetizing your site or blog. Here are few good India specific options to show advertisements on your

WP Plugin: Show RSS feed in WordPress Blog

RSS feed is one the of the easiest way to get the latest information. Traditionally one would use an RSS reader to read RSS feed. Now, you can easily show RSS feed from any source on a Wordpress Blog using FirstRSS and SideRSS WP Plugins. This plugin requires: WordPress 2 or greater and PHP 4