How to switch back to old Yahoo Mail layout version

Yahoo Mail recently celebrated its birthday by unveiling all new look and loads of new features. Most notable feature was introduction of disposable temporary Yahoo email IDs and other features include: https security, email forwarding, 1GB storage space. Besides the feature surprise, Yahoo also

Get Direct Messages from Twitter users without following them

By default, we need to follow specific Twitter user for it to have ability to send direct messages to you. In more simple words, to able to send and receive DMs (Direct Messages) on Twitter both interacting users must follow each other. This is not required anymore. Now you can receive Direct

Play online or download classic Mario game on computer

Mario has been all time favorite game for many people. We have seen this game in number of avatars. Jumping Mario to collect shiny coins and using balls fire power to toss out little creature. Add more fun is super animated and cool background music track. You can enjoy this cult 80s game on any

Stop google from using google+ profile photo & name in ads

Google has updated terms of services with an important change of Shared Endorsements in Ads option "How your Profile name and photo may appear (including in reviews and advertising)". This option of "Shared Endorsements" allow Google to use your Google+ profile name and photo in advertisements. For

How to create disposable alias Yahoo email IDs

Yahoo email service now support alias (disposable and temporary) email IDs linked to primary Yahoo Mail account. You can create disposable email ID from within existing Yahoo Mail account and provide that email ID to people and service where you do not wish to disclose actual Yahoo email ID.

Websites to download free Music for Youtube videos

Music is an important ingredient to make videos stand out but everyone is not a music composer. Also, majority of people who create awesome videos know nothing about music production. Buying commercial music tracks for home-made videos uploaded on Youtube can be very expensive proposition.

Increase Font Size in Skype for easy use by old people

Skype provide an awesome way to connect with friends and family irrespective of user's age. Although Skype program has neat user interface, it's small font size can be problem for old people and users with vision problem. There are few Skype and operating system settings that can be changed to

Restore & open recently closed Tabs in new Google Chrome

Recent Tabs feature in Google Chrome is very useful specially when you want to recover accidentally closed website tabs. It helps you open and restore recently closed website tabs in Google Chrome. You can browse list of recently closed tabs and open back specific tab or all tabs as per requirement.

How to remove Apps shortcut on Bookmarks bar in Chrome

Latest Google Chrome update has added "Apps" shortcut bookmark icon to Bookmarks bar. It is displayed by default at the extreme left side of the bookmarks bar at the top of Google Chrome browser. This new Apps shortcut button provide one click access to all apps installed in Google Chrome browser.

5 best ways to get Free Dropbox storage space

Dropbox is very popular service for free online storage with premium features. You can upload and store documents, photos, files in your Dropbox storage. Everything added to Dropbox account can be accessed easily on computer, mobile phone and directly through Dropbox website. Overall a neat user

How to help Facebook friend posting Suicide content

Internet is laden with informative and knowledgeable content. However, online world does have a dark side resulting into negative thoughts and deadly results. Besides cyber-bullying menace on the internet, posting suicidal content resulting into death is also a very grave emerging problem. According

Always open Google Chrome browser in private mode

By default, Google Chrome browser does not open in private (or incognito) mode. You need to use either of methods to start private browsing session in Chrome browser. Do you want Google Chrome browser to always open in private mode automatically without having to manually switch between normal and