Stop auto URL completion suggestions in Google Chrome

By default Google Chrome can complete URLs and searches that you type in the address bar of the browser. This is done using prediction service in Google Chrome. This feature is also available on Google Search website and we have already seen procedure to disable auto suggest on Google website. It

New Google logo with flat design & grid navigation button

Flat design is now rage for online products. Microsoft implemented successfully with Windows 8 operating system which was also called as Metro user interface. Now Google has given makeover to logo with all new flat design. Besides the logo, Google website now looks much cleaner without the dark

Embed & display Google Plus posts on website

Following very quickly and closely to Facebook - Google+ has launched embed posts feature. Now users can embed and display Google+ posts on their websites and blogs. Embedded posts appear in a neat user interface design. Users can only embed public posts, this feature is not available for private or

Restore & see Apps list on new tab in Google Chrome

Latest Google Chrome update made changes to the way apps are displayed in the browser. With integration of Chrome Apps Launcher, apps list is no longer visible on the default start page of Chrome browser. Instead, we see a big Google Search box at top and thumbnail of recently visited websites. So

Use Apps Launcher to open apps directly outside Chrome browser

Google Chrome has added "Chrome Apps Launcher" feature to open, remove and manage Chrome apps more easily. Besides usual apps and extension - now there are new type of Chrome apps that work outside Google Chrome browser. It means, you do not need to open Chrome browser to use these "for your

Set Wikipedia Random article as homepage to read new everyday

Majority of us set "Google" website as default homepage in web browser. While Google is good, have you noticed how many times did you actually use Google when opening browser window for the first time. We tend to use Google Search more when actual browsing starts at later time. On the other hand,

Open Google website without Doodle logo photo

On special days, website replace classic Google logo with doodle image celebrating that special day. There is already a huge collection ( of past doodle logo images displayed on Google website. However, not everyone is fan of big colorful doodle images sometime animated

Enable HD quality videos for Google Hangouts chat

Now you can control quality of video during Google Hangouts video chat session. Based on the internet connection speed of participating people in the video chat, you can customize bandwidth settings for best possible video and audio quality. If you high speed internet connection, HD webcam and

Create shared Facebook Album where multiple users upload photos

Facebook has introduced "Shared Photo Albums" feature allowing multiple users to upload, view, share, comment and interact with photos in the specific photo album. Just like we have Facebook groups to interact and share about specific topic - this new feature should be real good for users interested

Change default Web Browser to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

PC users can install multiple web browsers on their computer and use them simultaneously. While there can be multiple browser installed on Windows PC but there can be only one default browser. Any website url opened from external programs like Word document will open in the default browser. It is

Reset Google Chrome to default settings

You can customize Google Chrome settings like change history deletion days, turn off suggestion bar, change download folder, enable pop-ups and lots more. Sometimes you may want to revert back to default Google Chrome settings and start afresh. For this you can use Reset feature in Google Chrome.

Change Scroll Bars size, color & design in Google Chrome

Default scroll bar design in Google Chrome does not have too much color contrast. Hence, it may get difficult for few users to quickly notice scroll bars while surfing websites in Google Chrome browser. Also, small size of scroll bar can be issue for few users. How about ability to change: size,