Embed & show Instagram photos, videos on website

Instagram has been introducing new features to take its reach beyong mobile phones. After dedicated Instagram web accounts feature, we have web embeds feature live on Instagram. Now users can embed any public photo or video on their personal website, Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr blogs. Besides the

How to web search using Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is slowly being rolled out to all English language Facebook users. Few users hate this new Facebook Graph Search feature and even managed to remove Facebook Graph Search from their Facebook account (temporarily though). New version of Graph search offer lot of improvements

How to send photo Stickers in Facebook chat

Till now, we could only send emoticons in chat window on Facebook. Take things to the next level, introducing "Stickers" for Facebook chat. They are used just like emoticons but are better looking and more detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Stickers allows you to express variety

Create website Sitemap with online tools, software & plugins

Sitemap, as the name suggests, is a map of a website so that search engines can locate and index website content with ease. It is a page or file that contains listing of your website pages. Sitemap is an important requirement in the process of submitting your website to Google or Yahoo. With proper

Upload & add photos in Facebook comments

Now you can share photos directly in comments section on Facebook website. After adding option for direct upload and sharing of images in Facebook chat box - similar feature has been added to Facebook's Comments section. User can directly upload any photo stored on the computer and make it display

How to send recorded video messages in Skype

Skype is all time favorite for real time video chatting with friends and family. Now you can also record and send video messages to Skype contacts anytime. New version of Skype allows recording of video messages which can sent to friends and received from Skype contacts for Free. So if your Skype

Send & share photos in Facebook Chat Box

Facebook users upload and share lot of images in Photos section organized in form of Photo Albums. Do you want to instantly share a photo with specific Facebook friend? Then head over to Facebook chat and use new "share photos" feature on Facebook. This feature allows you to upload and share any

Remove tabs to get back old classic Gmail inbox look

Gmail has added new features like priority inbox and new tabs functionality. Enabling these features add new sections in default Gmail inbox layout. While such features are very useful for heavy and more regular Gmail users - occasional users may find them intrusive. Fortunately, Gmail provide

Auto set Skype ‘Do Not Disturb’ when using other program

Skype is a great tool for text, audio and video communication. It is used by lot of users, infact few users keep logged into Skype all the time while using computer. With all the goodness, there comes an annoyance of Skype friends disturbing you when you are doing some important work on computer.

How to enable new look Gmail inbox

Gmail inbox just went through brand new makeover for better management of different type of emails. New Gmail inbox allows you to organize and access email messages quicker using tabbed format. While this concept is not new, we have already seen tabbed organization with Priority Inbox feature.

Add Slow Motion efffect to Youtube videos

Want to add "slow motion - slomo" effect to Youtube videos? Now you can easily convert existing normal speed video into smooth slow motion video. Youtube has added new "slow motion" effect filter to enhancement section of the online video editor. The slow motion effect makes video look like as if it

Make free Family Tree online with photos

More and more families are getting divided to become nuclear families. But that does not mean all love is lost. In today's materialistic world we can still keep relations alive, if one desire so. One handy way to stay in touch with your extended family is through Family Tree reference. One can