How to make Skype Profile Photo private & hidden

Every Skype user can select one image to display as default Skype profile photo. You can upload specific image from computer or click via attached webcam. By default, profile photo is visible to every Skype user. So if someone searches for your name in Skype program, your photo will display next to

How to translate blog or website in any language

On internet there are no country boundaries. Even language barriers are blurred thanks to language translation services. With lot of good quality content available in English and other specific languages - translation is a must for non-English users in order to access and understand that content.

Disable & remove extensions in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser can be extended in terms of functionality and features as per requirements of specific user. This is possible with the help of Google Chrome extensions. User can download and install Chrome extensions for specific feature set addition. Over period of time, if you have added lot

Add new Youtube Channel Subscribe button to website

Google has released new (and better) version of Youtube Channel subscription button widget. New Youtube subscription button is neat and attractive. If you have a Youtube Channel, then you can add custom Youtube subscription button to your website. Also, if you are fan of specific Youtube Channel you

How to find similar synonym words using Google Search

While writing we need to play around with words. Synonym (same or similar) words come real handy while writing piece to covey same meaning but using more simple words. If you are an internet person, then there is no need to flip pages of your dictionary book - just head over to Google

How to use Compose box in full screen mode in Gmail

Gmail has been experimenting with the compose box feature. Recently, Gmail added small floating email compose box for writing new email messages quickly. Gmail is activating this new Compose Box for users in a phased manner, though there is manual option to enable compose box in Gmail inbox anytime.

Best websites to download Old version software

"New is not always better", this does apply at-least to few software programs which we use on regular basis.  As such, new versions of application software are released with more features and enhanced functionality. There are times, we need to grab old version of our favorite software as a results

Ever been to Gmail.Net, its not email service from Google

Gmail does not need any introduction. For starters, it is name of email service provided by Google. We generally use to access this web based email service. Ever been to ? Ideally, one would think will point to and you can access your Gmail email account. So

How to get shortest Email address on internet

We are use to email addresses,, and so on. Email IDs on these services look professional with solid email infrastructure back end. Problem is, majority of email IDs with common name and words are not available on these services. In this case, one has to settle with

How to create XML Sitemap for Blogger Blog

XML Sitemap file is essential for basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any website or blog. We have already covered exhaustive list of tools for creating website Sitemap XML file quickly. For Blogger, things are different as far sitemap file generation is concerned. Since Blogger is an online

How to publish PDF document online as flash flip ebook

Reading ebooks online without need of downloading content makes whole reading experience quick and easy. One can browse through collection of interesting books and start reading books online within web browser without need to install or download anything. For a publisher, converting and publishing

How to make Youtube always play videos in HD quality

HD (high definition) video viewing on Youtube provide best experience. If you are using high speed internet connection, then you should play Youtube videos in HD quality (720p or 1080p) for best clarity. Problem is, one has to constantly switch video quality setting from normal to HD for every video